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Sunday, November 11, 2007

A matter of perspective.

A conversation with my newly minted 4 year old really opened my eyes. I thought I'd share.

Anna (out of nowhere): Mom, Why did Ariel's dad get really angry and break all the stuff in her water house? That wasn't very nice.

Me: Well, I think it was because she was disobedient. She did something he told her not to do. Doesn't that happen at our house sometimes? When I ask you not to jump on my bed, and you do it anyway? Do I get angry?

Anna: (nodding vigorously) Yes!

Me: See, Ariel's dad told her to never go to the surface again, and she broke the rules, didn't she? She went up to the surface, right?

Anna: Yes. So, her daddy got angry like you.

Me: Yes, exactly. If only she had been obedient...

And then in my mind, I played out the situation. If Ariel had been obedient, she'd probably have married some nice merman. And lived happily ever after with their mer-children and a successful music career. Not the fairy-tale but certainly a respectable choice! And yet she didn't. And she learned nothing! Because in the end, Tritan rescued her! And she got her Price Eric. Who, in my mind, probably started cheating on her a couple months after the wedding.

Psht. No rescuing for my kids! At least... I'm gonna try not to.

What made me really laugh about this exchange with my sweet girl, was that probably as few as 10 years ago, I could only see Ariel's point of view. Controlling father, unfair demands, etc. And now, as a parent... well, frankly, I don't think I want The Little Mermaid playing in my house anymore.


sheri said...

Isn't it amazing how motherhood suddenly changes so many perspectives in our minds? The crappy part is that you KNOW that no matter what you tell your children about certain things, they simply will not "get it" until they become parents themselves. *sigh*

Lost A Sock said...

Oh how funny. Things really do change, don't they? I, too, remember feeling for Ariel years ago.

Brian said...

I always thought Ariel was a snobish hussy.

Ungrateful mermaid.

J-Dub said...

Subconsciously Triton enforced the fact, to Ariel, that it is acceptable to be disobedient, as long as the ends justify the means.

It's like saying, "Don't play with fire, but if you, make sure that my steak is medium-well!"

Anonymous said...

I guess you don't remember a conversation about this same subject about 12 years ago. I didn't like The Little Mermaid for the same reasons you don't like it now. Your comment then was "Mom, it's just a movie". How our perspectives change with maturity. Welcome to my world. Mom

Mia said...

We've been going through some of the same things. Not with that particular movie (b/c we have a boy), but with so many others. We've vetoed "Bug's Life" and the first "Toy Story" lately b/c of things Ethan learned to do and say.

Anonymous said...

My dear daughter,

What is your opinion of The Simpsons?

Thank you for growing up. Lesson over.



Alissa said...

The Simpsons is still funny. I just don't let the kids watch it. Good thing we don't get FOX anyway.

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