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Monday, February 18, 2008

in the olden days...

Ya know how certain things just take you back to your childhood instantly?

For me, it's things like my mom's homemade on the wood stove hot cocoa. Or the words "Wham Bam" which instantly brings up memories of holding a pillow to my chest and running full speed across the room into my brother while yelling, "WHAM BAM BODYSLAM!" Yeah, maybe we shouldn't have watched the WWF.

For Christmas, I got a little caught up in the idea that I wanted to buy my children more meaningful, long-lasting gifts. I purchased this and this for Abbie & Anna, respectively. I absolutely love Hearthsong. Their toys are original and inventive and they require kids to use their imagination a bit more than say, Bratz dolls (GAG!). However, we ended up getting Freecycled some great used bikes and we just seemed to have an overload of gifts. I decided to hold onto those two and give them to Abbie for her birthday.

Good move.

Today was a day off of school and Abbie literally followed me around asking me to teach her the String Games. I obliged. I taught her "The Broom" and Cat's Cradle. This is actually like shooting myself in the foot, since I'm the only one with the manual dexterity to actually play it with her. She's LOVING it.
The Broom. And raise your hand if you recognize this one:

I spent many, many hours perfecting these and wonderful others like Jacob's Ladder... which I haven't successfully taught her yet. Maybe tomorrow.


Gaylari said...

I'm jealous. I want one of those again! I was so good at Jacobs ladder. I wonder if i can still do it anymore. I think that is a great gift to give your girls.

Jenny said...

Sweet. And Wham.Bam.BodySlam is only correctly done with couch cushions. Sorry Mom and Dad. But really we did many much worse things with the couch cushions. Just don't ask.

Sara Boulter said...

Oh wow, you are a GOOD mama! I love this post. Ahhhh yesteryear..:)

Jennifer said...

very creative and fun, I'm jusdt not patient enough!:)

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