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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Because Abbie's gone at school all day, everyday (well, you know...), I don't get to take nearly as many pictures of her. Well, yesterday she helped me out with some maternity pictures and then I turned the camera on her.

She was LOVING it. Pose. Pose. Pose. Upon viewing the pictures later, Matt was disturbed by how quickly our little girl is turning into a, well, not-so-little girl.
It's starts out innocently enough... but quickly devolves into this:
and this:
and oh gag, this:
But, then we come back... and get some more age appropriate shots:
There we go.

Phew. I thought we'd lost her for awhile there.


Sara Boulter said...

These are darling. I love the way you love your babies. You're a good mama.

Where are the maternity shots of YOU!!!???

dastew said...

I love her little earings. Will you please tell Carolyn that our little girls will need their ears pierced when they're little?

Alissa said...

stew- so sad to tell you that they're stick-on earrings that she got for easter.

Cheri said...

oh gosh. that was good. do you ever get the willies thinking of your little girls as teenagers?....on many counts it freaks me out.

_if there's some kind of point system for typing word verifications correctly the first time through, I think I just earned some bonus points. It was long and in a way funky script. So count yourself blessed that my comment came through, ha ha.

Jen said...

Look out, Abby is going to be a very very pretty girl. Matt is going to need a bat to fight off the boys. Very nice pic's.
Why weren't you taking photo's when we were in Cali???

Nicole said...

Adorable and beautiful!! and I'm not one to tell EVERYONE their children are cute when they're really not. So I'm being totally candid when I say, "She is beautiful!"

Puddin Pie kiss the boys and made them cry! said...

I know exactly how you feel, I still see Payton as the little baby I just brought home. Miss you guys. Abby is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I am sure Mike will be willing to loan Matt his shotgun when the time comes.

sheri said...

She's beautiful!

g said...

So darling! I can't believe how big she's gotten. They grow up just too darn fast!

teri hales said...

She's gotten so big! I still remember when she was a baby. She's so beautiful (she was beautiful then too). You have a model on your hands!

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