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Monday, April 14, 2008

All work and no play...

Just in case you thought that we (collectively) were incapable of taking a simple snapshot photograph...

I bring you, "The Reason You Take Pictures Even If Not Everything Is Ideal"
Things I Love About This Picture (TILATP):
Eye Contact From Miles
Look at all those sets of hands... something about this makes my heart full.
Anna's Expression... merciless giggling.
Four kids. People... I have FOUR children. Wow.
Again with Anna's expression.
Miles is totally posing. Right after he heard the shutter click he said, "I wanna see!"
Four sets of feet.
Abbie always looks great.
He he. Miles's bare chest.

Let's see what else we've got.
As you can tell, these aren't the greatest exposure, and I've done little to NO processing on most of them. I think it's important to capture real life. And sometimes, I think we (especially me) get caught up in getting the perfect shot... and I miss all the in-between perfectness. Does that make sense?

At any rate. One shot of Matt. I totally metered on the wrong area. But I didn't want to miss the moment... and then when I saw it on the viewfinder, I wanted to recreate it, but the moment was gone. And I ADORE this image.
Something about the closeness and the backlighting. Love these boys.

And as a special treat, a couple of pictures of me as taken by Matt. Lucky you.
And what good is photography, if not to provide you with something to laugh about, right?
We call this shark-bite!

I guess I just wanted to encourage everyone to get our your cameras and take pictures even if they're not perfect. These pictures I showed are so imperfect; out of focus, grainy, underexposed, etc. But they capture real feelings, real emotions and real life. So start shooting!

And finally, since you know I can't be all play and no work either, lol.


Sara Boulter said...

Oh congratulations!!! This post is so precious. I adore every little inch of it.
Your babies...simply gorgeous. What a sweet time in your life. Thank you for sharing!

Emily said...

Oh, I love them all!! Adorable.

Amber said...

So great! I'm glad your pictures aren't always perfect (although your 'not perfect' still looks better then my 'trying my best'.)

Unknown said...

I've been stalking you for a while now. Congrats on the beautiful addition to your already gorgeous family!
And I agree with the other Amber...your not perfect still looks better then my trying my best.

Michelle said...

Congratulations, so precious!

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