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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


While I could drag these pictures out for a couple of weeks, I won't.

Here's what we've got going on here lately:
Miles thinks he's SO smart. Those are my glasses. He says, "I'm mommy! I'm pretty!" If I try to argue that, in fact, I am the mommy, there are furious looks.

Here's a fun shot of Matt/Miles. Matt's head gets rounder and rounder every year. He maintains it's hair. I think it must be something else. Can't think of what, though.
Lucas with the new blanket I bought/made him. I love it. My mom will not.
We had a fabulous Memorial Weekend. We were spoiled from Matt's work with free babysitting on Friday night. We went out for dinner (took Lucas with us) and to Target. That's our staple date, apparently. All roads lead to Target.

On Saturday we did nothing I can recall during the day and then attended a Corn Boil at our church. Delicious! We entertained some great friends (Hi, Alecia! Gary!) afterwards. Attended church on Sunday (of course!) during which I fell asleep while feeding Lucas in the Mother's Lounge. Oops!

On Monday morning we headed back to the church for the Annual Breakfast. Again, any meal I don't have to prepare is fabulous by me! Had some other friends (and their kids) over for a BBQ Lunch. Had a picnic dinner from Subway at the park ($5 Footlong! ... stupid song!).
So these pictures are from Subway/Park. This cool tiled wall was outside Subway.
Almost a graduated Kindergartener!
Matt shot this of me... nursing Lucas at the park. Thank you Matt!
And the kids being silly. Pretty standard.

Oh yeah, and this kid, who was just sitting in his carseat, smiling his heart out.
Which I later came to realize was because he was leaving me a lovely mess in his diaper/pants.

And finally, a couple shots from the sweet spot in my kitchen during the sweet light of sunset. I wish I could bottle up the personality of Miles and send it out to each of you. He's just that fun.

A lovely couple of shots of the girls, who were being friendly and loving for a change:
Cuz I'm feeling guilty that Anna doesn't have any pictures of her by herself:

And check out the cheese on this one!
And lastly, no seriously, this is the last one... what we're sitting around twiddling our thumbs waiting for over here:
Sorry for inundating you with 83 kajillion pictures. I hope you're over it soon.


Rebekah said...

Just looking at all these pictures reminds me of a TV show I am obsessed with, Jon and kate Plus 8 on TLC. Your kids are freaking cute and believe me, and I think everyone would agree, we can't ever get enough pictures of your children!

Amber said...

Anna is getting so big!! I can't believe how grown up she looks. The rest are also adorable of course!

April said...

those are all GREAT! but my favorite by far is that last one of miles in the kitchen- soooo super adorable! and the one matt took of you nursing lucas- such a special image.

smart mama said...

love that tiled wall- i am always jealous of the way you can capture your kids so perfectly

stephanie said...

that miles is so handsome!

dastew said...

great looking kids liss. We really are excited to see them in a couple weeks. As to the nursing shot...well I doubt any of us are shocked. :)

Matt said...

Just yank that tooth out already! I don't know how you resist with it just dangling out there like that.

Jenny said...

Cute! I'm with you on the meals I don't have to prepare thing.

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

Love it all!

BTW, Campbell has that same red shirt from Target. Good taste or can't resist $3 shirts?

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