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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Randomness and Incontinuity.

That's about all I'm good for lately.

1. Today is my 8th Wedding Anniversary. Happy us! I really do love him more now than the day we married. He's pretty awesome, as husbands go.

2. Lucas's one month doctor appointment today. Shrimp is 7 lbs. 15ozs. Weight gain is great even though he's only in the 5th percentile for weight... he is, however, in the 75th for height at 22.25 inches. Kid's a freaking bean pole. Are we surprised, really?

3. School is out in one month. From today. I know I should be terrified of an entire summer with no real agenda... but holy cow, I'm looking forward to it. I really loathe that picking up Abbie from school cuts into afternoon naps/errand runs/etc. I'm trying to get the girls in a group music class and dance. Possibly forking out major dough for swimming lessons. So, there'll be something for them to do. I'm also headed back to the gym as often as possible to "work off that flab hanging over the bed" (100 points if you can name that movie reference). So, the kids will be spending quite a few mornings playing at the awesome Kid's Stuff.

4. I have pictures. I'm guessing you would like to see some. Some are old. Some are newer-ish.
Hah! My dad always makes sure to encourage me to take pictures of them when they're not so happy... so that one is for him.
Doesn't that just scream summer? Bubbles and cookie faces?

Hey look! It's me!
I IZ HUNGREZ! FEED ME! Or as Miles would say, "He wants to nurse on your milks."
Let's see... what else do I have?

Pile on dad! This is so classic. Pretty sure this is a required picture for all dads.
No, he wasn't getting into anything. That was his dinner. Yes, you guessed it, spaghetti.
Did I mention he has started giving us honest to goodness smiles when we talk to him? He has. Melt my icy heart.
And finally:
Dude's just chillin' with Mr. Zac Efron.


Jenny said...

I love the "pile on dad" picture. Definitely a must!

the MRS said...

the movie is MONSTERS INC.

Amber said...

I knew it before you even asked!

Cute pictures (as always).

Cute kids (as always).

and super cute you! (once again- as always).

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

Cute, cute, CUTE!

sheri said...

Cuteness all around!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!! The pictures are wonderful, keep them coming!

Rachelle said...

8 years that is incredible. congrats. I dont know if you remember me but we worked in provo together doing telemarketing. (i have red hair if that helps!!) I actually came to your wedding. I was just wondering the other day how long ago that was. I linked to you through gaylari's blog. Your children are absolutely beautfiul and your photography is amazing.

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