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Sunday, June 15, 2008

About Dad.

You all wish you had a Dad like mine.

Everyone is scared of my dad. That is, everyone who doesn't know him well. He's got a formidable presence that is sure to intimidate. It's a front. But we know better. We (his children) know that underneath that mustache (which I've never seen him without) and unwillingness to smile lies a man who loves to laugh, play games, cuddle and share quiet moments with his children. And grandchildren. A man whose quiet demeanor masks his dry wit so you can never quite tell if he's kidding or not. A man who rarely smiles in public, but can make me laugh till tears pour down my face. A father whose love for his family far outweighs his love of money. A father who knows sacrifice. A father who I love and miss.

And in celebration of my dad, I give you a picture from July 4th 2007. Playing Catch Phrase With Dad.
And I revel in the reality that I get to hang with my dad in just 18 more days!


Lee said...

What a great tribute. I get to see my Dad in 3 more days.

Wife of dastew said...

I have to admit that I was always a little bit scared of your dad. Not your mom, just your dad.
(We're excited to see you this week!)

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

You two totally have the same nose!

sheri said...

I thought the exact same thing as Char, lol! And I LOVE that picture of the 2 of you. I also adore your hair in that picture

m3ng said...

Your dad is great.

Also, I took that July 4th photo! :D

Anonymous said...

I love catchphrase!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see all of you guys in 15 days. Oh yeah, I gave Dad that shirt. "Measure Twice, Cut Once" is something that he always says to me whenever I mess up in the shop. It is his favorite shirt. :-)

Rachel said...

Such cute photos! I'm excited to go home and get some fun photos with my mom and dad next week too! Have fun on your trip!

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