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Monday, June 2, 2008

Can your 6 year old do this?

I just needed to brag on Abbie for a minute.

I hate to admit this, but she's likely to put me out of business someday. When asked what she'd like to be when she grows up, her response is a resounding, "A photography!" Yes, despite having corrected her approximately 25 times, it's "a photography." But she's actually quite good! I have no hesitations about handing my $1000+ camera/lens over to her. Alright, that is a lie. I have slight hesitations, but so far, she's very careful and I should just let the evidence of her obviously inherited talent (yuk yuk...) speak for itself. She took these for me today:
By the way, that's the sling I MADE!
And the perfect timing of this next one makes me want to blow it up big. Or at least change my blog banner.

Matt says, "A camera that expensive should make anyone look like a professional." Well, "ppppbbbbllllt" to you!


Amber said...

I am quite impressed. Maybe I need a better camera... or abbie's talent.

Audrey said...

So is Abbie getting your camera when the new model comes out? She could be your second photographer on shoots (free child labor)? The sling is awesome...did you use a pattern? Lucas looks very much like a miniature Miles :)

Michelle said...

Hi! Tyler and Abbie seem to have a lot in common, they both just turned 6, both just lost the same tooth and both are great photographers! Check out Tyler's pics on my blog, I was so proud. I wish I could get my cheap camera to take great pictures like he did! I look forward to seeing you this summer, we are working out our scheduling and hope to be in Orlando in late Julyish. I'll get back to ya!

stephanie said...

my nearly 6 year old can barely hold our big camera. cheers to abbie.

Lee said...

Love the swing. And go Abbie. My kids always want to play with my camera, especially now that I have two.

Hil said...

She is a Mini you! She looks just like you! Maybe she should get a D40! Great job Abbie! Your looking great Liss!

Rachelle said...

wow, your children are absolutely beautiful. The pictures are amazing, both yours and your daughters. love it.

Amy (3 Peas) said...

LOVE that last one- it's perfection! :)

Lara said...

Beautiful photos! Good job Abbie! How expensive is that camera anyway? I am in the market for a nice camera. I think it's time to upgrade from my point and shoot. Can I get a good one for less than $1,000? What about lenses?

My Mom was just telling me about a photographer friend of hers the other day. Her assistant (not a six year old!) dropped her $10,000 camera during a shoot last week. Can you imagine!!!

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