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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Floridian's Lament.

aka The lack of Autumn

If you don't live in Florida (or other warm areas of the country, I'm sure), you don't realize how lucky you are. Right around the beginning to mid-September, it starts to cool off. Not so hot. Just a touch cool in the mornings. Slowly it turns to long sleeves and then jacket weather and the once bright green leaves start to change in shade to yellow, orange, red, purple and other shades in between. You begin to enjoy things like socks, pumpkin pie, chili, cuddling up with a blanket and a good book.

Florida does NOT have these things. And I'm sorry, but I just can't fake it. If it's not cool outside, I can't bring myself to bake pumpkin cookies or even decorate for the season. I pretend that Halloween is a billion years away even though the stores are all bedecked in Orange and Black and I've got just over a month to figure out costumes for 4 children. Granted, it does cool off here. And November is just plain pleasant. Mid to upper 70s. But if you want fall weather, you'll have to come in February, just in time for Valentine's Day.

We've talked about how we don't have plans to stay in Florida forever. Mostly for this reason: We miss our seasons. We want them back. We've heard Portland is nice. Anyone wanna weigh in?

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Becky said...

ohhh, I do hope you meant Portland Oregon!We definitely have all four seasons. It only snows here two or three times a year, so when it does its a huge deal and school is canceled and everything shuts down for a day. Just enough to be fun and not a pain like it is in utah. Even better is that if you are a snow lover you have three or four huge mountains with ski resorts near by. Mt Hood is only 45 min away.
Oh yeah, besides all four seasons, we have the ocean only an hour away, the mountains an hour away, the desert an hour away and the columbia gorge which is a photographers dream less then an hour away.

stephanie said...

i hate the lack of autumn in arizona, too. i am longing to wear jeans!

lacyboo said...

i would love portland, personally. california has 4 seasons but i cannot stand summer. 115 degrees just doesnt float my boat. i would love a moderate summer and a snowy winter. hopefully soon we can get out of california, but we're thinking more like spokane:)

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

the other thing i did not enjoy about florida (when my parents lived there) was people in booty shorts putting up their christmas lights.

and i think lukas and bennett need a play date. wanna meet in kansas?

Matt said...

The northwest is really nice if you can handle not seeing the sun for 8 months of the year... I don't know if you are set on coastal, but I've been considering Boulder Colorado recently. When you find the perfect spot, let us know.

Rachel said...

Ahhh, Portland! I just got back from there this morning at 4 AM!!! It is so nice. It's a trade off though, from what I can tell. You trade sunny sweaty days for cloudy raining ones. I haven't been there much other than this time of year, but Ryan is from there and he LOVES it. I want to move to Washington I think someday. It's so Beautiful! Anyhow, I've been there 3 times now, one trip was sunny, the 2nd cold and breezy/wet in november and them this weekend...soggy, misty, refreshing and crisp!

Cassie said...

Hi you don't know me but I live here in Jacksonville and am from NV, born in Oregon. I know what you mean about FL. I hate the weather here and can't wait for us to move. Portland is a nice place. In the winter you may not see the sun much besides that its good for the seasons.

Jane said...

I hear you on the no fall! It is so hard to fake it too. People are getting out the fall decor and it just doesn't fit with the 103 temps we had today. I miss the season too. Well, I miss 3 of them. I don't miss winter too much (only at christmas)

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying this to make you jealous, but this morning it was FREEZING here in Salt Lake. In the 40's. Yesterday's high was in the 60's - truly fall.

You may be jealous now, but wait a few months, during the drab, freezing months of January and February and people will be jealous of your weather.

Erica said...

I've lived in Florida for over 20 years and I still ache for Autumn. Not Winter. But Autumn. There's something so right, so symbolic about experiencing Autumn, so reflective about life. I miss the crsipness of the air, punctuating the end of summer by pulling out the colder season clthes, putting on a sweater, walking thru and listening to the cracle of leaves, picking out the red, orange and gold ones. So I'm planning a roadtrip with Mike and the kids up north to get me some Autumn. But I'll always be happy to call Florida Home...smile.
Fall Color Hotline: 1-800-354-4595http://www.fs.fed.us/news/fallcolors/

Carrie said...

Oregon ROCKS! But you really should like rain. As an aspiring photographer the lack of sun can be a little frustrating at times but I love it here. :) It doesn't get too hot in the summer and Fall is to die for! LOOVE it! Some people don't like how liberal it is here. I don't mind too much. There's tons of outdoor stuff to do. (have I sold u yet? LOL)

Unknown said...

That looks like a nice fat baby for me. I would cook him up in a roasting pan on top of some leeks, potatoes and celery.

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