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Monday, September 22, 2008

Picture Odds & Ends

Every so often, I find that I have a slew of pictures which don't actually match with anything really postable, but deserve sharing. So, let's dive in, shall we?

the blanket of terror and love
First, this should have gone into the post about Miles and his Weird-cutes. This is his lovey-blankie. He will literally drag it around all day long if I don't take it away and put it up where he can't get it. When he does have it, he sucks his thumb and (I'm not kidding) shoves the corners up his nose. Qualify as weird, yes?

pretty girl
Anna just looking so freaking pretty. We're going to be in SO much trouble later.

This would be the "why hast thou forsaken me, mama?!" look. Dad just doesn't hold a candle to the incredible draw of mom. See my awesome power?!

I'd like to think he was blowing me a kiss here, but somehow I think he had food in his mouth. Every Sunday morning, in an effort to speed up the getting-ready-for-church process, the girls shower with mom and the boys shower with dad. I really do believe it to be faster. Plus, that way I don't have to lean over a bathtub. I hate that.

Ah yes. This would be before the haircut. I was feeling kinda wired one night. I look it, eh?
Miles is explaining something to me. I'm not sure what. He has started using "adult" phrases. For example, today I was returning some library books that were overdue (oops!) but didn't want to get out of the car, so we just did the bookdrop. Miles stated that he wanted to go inside and I explained, "Sorry buddy, we're not going in today." to which he replies, "Are you serious!?" and when I stated that I was, in fact, serious!?, he said, "I can't believe you!" Earning his disappointment was heartbreaking.

We have a tradition. Every Sunday after church we (meaning the kids) have the same exact snack. Tuna fish on crackers. Yesterday, the kids discovered the joy of double-decker sandwiches. Which left them looking like this:
and this:

Oh lovely. Another picture of me. Apparently, I had a headache. It's perpetual.

And wrapping up this lovely Odds & Ends session we have the LukLuk.
He NEVER smiles for the camera. He will be SO smiley and I'll bring out the camera to capture some of the glorious grins he gives me and suddenly he's Mr. Serious. So, I was thrilled to get a couple really smiley shots today.

Oh, and this:
Ah yes, nothing tastes better than the slat blinds in the office.


Char @ Crap I've Made said...

Love that picture w/Abbie's hand over her mouth.

Jenny said...

I have an aww...cute for almost all of the pictures, I hate to single one out. well, except the picture of you "wired", that one isn't so cute, but somewhat how I probably look half the time.

Shan said...

I read this post yesterday... and because of the tuna fish photos...
I was up making tunafish at 10pm (AFTER cooking dinner, bathtime, bedtime, cleaning the entire kitchen, should be chill time)


No more food photos please... momma needs rest ;)

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