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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Too Much Sick.

We're drowning in sick over here. Anna's been running a fever near constantly since Friday. Miles picked up the fever on Monday. Abbie came home from school sick yesterday. Lucas just has a runny nose. No fever, thankfully. Or yet.

And it has totally thrown a huge monkey wrench in our holiday party plans. Abbie missed her holiday party at school. Anna's Christmas Performance at school is tomorrow night and she's just not gonna make it. Despite me sewing my fingers to the bone to get her Christmas dress done.

I swear I'm bringing the kids to church on Sunday. Just for Sacrament Meeting, so I can show off the dresses that I worked so hard on. When else are they gonna get to wear them!?

Best part of all this: I'm coming down with a sore throat and starting to lose my voice. Best Christmas Ever.


Anonymous said...

I remember many Christmas' with children sick. Remember the Christmas we got the TV? We opened presents, then everyone went to bed because we were all so sick. I wish I were there to make you some homemade chicken soup.

Amy G. said...

I'm so sorry Alissa :(

At least your kids don't get hyperactive when they are sick!

stephanie said...

ooh, that stinks. get well!

J-Dub said...

we have a family video of me laying on the coach half dead during christmas. i couldn't even move. i was just telling everyone to open my presents and show me what i got.

good times.

tell matt to give them blessings.

Kermit~the~Frog said...

'Tis the season, eh?

Cheri said...

oh...I am so sorry. Here's hoping you don't get anything serious and that you all feel better in time for christmas! Can't wait to see the dresses.

Jenny said...

I seem to remember that every christmas growing up we or some of the family was sick. It was like an unwritten rule that if is was Christmas there was sickness.

sheri said...

ditto Jenny. That's one main reason we dread going to CO for Christmas. Enough stress as it is, but someone/everyone is ALWAYS sick on top of it. And I totally hear ya on taking them in their dresses. Priorities, man!!!

Rachelle said...

oh how sad! i would go to church also - those adorable dresses need to be showed off!! hope you all feel better by christmas.

Moghimi Family said...

Yuck! I hope everyone is doing better today. I hope I see you on Sunday so I can view your kids beautiful dresses in person!

Lost A Sock said...

Ugh, so sorry - what misery. We're finally over it, I think.

Get well soon, all! And also, requesting dress pictures, too. :o)

Maleen said...

I feel so badly for you guys. That is the problem with having lots of kids; one gets it, it is bound to get at least two more.
Last year I took June to her Christmas program even though she was listless. I then watched as her teacher kept tugging on her to sing (she just didn't feel up to it). Poor kid.
I do hope you get to show off the dresses. If the girls can't go, just take the dresses in their place.

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