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Saturday, December 20, 2008

What is wrong with You People?

Apparently, my last post where I mentioned a Very Important Dr Appt led some of you to believe that we are expecting another child.

Definitely NO.

I was simply talking about Lucas's Pediatric Endocrinologist visit.

A recap.

Basically... he's just a skinny kid. The doctor thinks he's just genetically small. With Me being only 5'4" and XXXlbs (like I'm telling you!) and Matt being only 5'6" (if we're being generous) and 135lbs... well, our children don't have much hope as Linemen for any professional football teams.

His lab results were inconclusive. He did have one thyroid thing come back slightly low, but the doctor said that if there was a real thyroid issue, all three of the things they test for would have come back wonky. Doctor does want to re-check that stuff, so Matt's taking Lucas BACK into a lab on Monday to get the bloodwork done.

Provided those results are not abnormal, we don't have to go back until March for a weight check (which by the way is totally bogus - drive the 1/2 hour down there for a weight check when my ped can do it)... but whatever.

I really feel relieved. This was what I had believed all along. He's fine. He's happy. He's healthy. I'm overjoyed. I can breathe a sigh of relief.

And in case you needed a visual of this climbing monkey we've created:


Cheri said...

Hooray! That's what i was hoping for as well. Wonderful news.

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

I love that picture. LOVE.

And I'm glad he's just tiny.

Maleen said...

Keep the good news coming...

and would it be so bad if you had another one? I mean, look how cute they are.

lacyboo said...

im so glad everything is ok with him:) i love that picture too. you can totally tell that you have lots of kids because of all the colorful plasticware haha

Teresa said...

Glad nothing is wrong...can I just say that I share your dilemma? both of my kids are in the lowest end of the US growth charts. Hubby and I are not "small" people but we are short for Americans. But guess what? India has a different growth chart! HAH! Now that I live there, my kids are in the normal range! smirk. So all you gotta do is move here, girl! :)


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