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Saturday, February 14, 2009

A funny thing happened.

I learned how to use chopsticks when Matt and I were dating. He's obviously Chinese (or at least some Asian ethnicity, right?). I'd always wanted to learn, and he taught me. I'm actually quite good, if I do say so myself.

Tonight, because we had free babysitting provided by the Husband's Employer, we decided to go out to eat. We appreciate Asian foods of all kind: Chinese, Thai, Korean (oh the Beef Bulgogi!), and Vietnamese (I'm less of a fan of Japanese, though I do like me some Yakisoba Noodles).

Tonight was a Vietnamese night. We headed to our favorite place. We were seated very quickly, and then proceeded to hem and haw about what to order. While we sat around deciding, our waiter brought us some water. And some Spring Rolls.

And a single napkin with a fork. And set it down right next to me.


No, he didn't bring Matt a fork. Just me. No, I hadn't asked for a fork and yes, we already had chopsticks at our table. I sat there for a moment, appalled. I looked up at Matt. We were both a bit in shock! Did that just happen?!

I really wanted to be offended, but instead it just kept sending me into fits of giggles. One fork for the whitey!

I think I was just discriminated against!? Or maybe Matt was!


Amy G. said...

How odd.
Though, it appears based on their mangled, poor excuse for a website, they may just be scrambled in the head. I hope you neatly placed said fork in the bill folder thingy when you paid the bill! Imagine how perplexed they would be!

Brian said...

All you "round-eyes" are alike.

Audrey said...

funny. i like to ask for a fork at chinese restaurants because i can eat faster...they always look at me funny and i'm sure they are thinking i must be the only asian that doesn't eat with chopsticks.

Char @ Crap I've Made said...


sheri said...

That IS funny!
And I've never learned how to use chopsticks. I'm way too impatient with my food.

Jenny said...

That is funny. I would have been like, um...what is this for?

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