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Thursday, February 12, 2009

In which I earn the title "Cruelest Mom Ever"

You know you're my kind of "mean mom" if you've ever taken pictures like these.
You know. Just for posterity's sake.
So I can attest to how dirty he can get while eating his breakfast.
That mixture of yogurt, crusted snot and last night's dinner is really attractive.
But wait. What's this face?
Oh no. It's definitely THAT face. But instead of having some decency...
You just keep shooting.
You know, for posterity's sake.
Oh, come on! You know you look like this while pooping too!)
Don't we all feel better afterwards? I know I do.


Char @ Crap I've Made said...


At least you didn't bust out your Flip and video it?

Mia said...

Love it!

My favorite is when they follow it up with a hand swipe. Gets the food and snot in the hair and ears. Always when you're running late for preschool drop-off.

i said...

i found your blog through amber. i'm having fun here. love the pictures. btw, my kids boogers are EVEN nastier than that. :) adorable!!

Amy G. said...

Sorry -he's too cute. I'm a mean mom too... have you not seen the pic of Hayden attacking his lollipop?

sheri said...

He's freakin cute, but my stomach is already a mess and the snot didn't help it much, lol! Thanks for that. :)

Jenny said...

I think I must have also earned that title by taking similar pictures of my crying snotty tired Benton. Actually, come to think about it, I think Jason took the pictures, so I'm safe.

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