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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sweet Lovely Relations.

If you can name the movie that my title comes from, I'm sorry. Also, not those kind of relations.

Mother's Day tends to be a kindof sore spot for most of the women I know. We attend church where we are spoken to about the kind of mothers we should be, insinuating that we're not good enough, I guess.

And it's quite distressing for mothers who think that Mother's Day should be one day per year that we don't have to lift a finger... because inevitably, we have to lift a finger. Either our husbands just don't get it, or they don't care, or they don't have the experience necessary to micromanage 4 children to my satisfaction.

BUT. Not this year. I think that making Mother's Day a good day for me involves lowering my expectations. It involves understanding that I will have to help out getting the kids ready for church, I will still have to help juggle kids through Sacrament Meeting, and I may not get the nap after church that I so rightfully deserve. I might even have to make dinner. GASP! I know! I have come to grips with those things and this past Mother's Day was just downright pleasant for me.

I rolled Matt out of bed when the kids started stirring. He didn't even complain once. He brought me breakfast in bed. Possibly a bowl of Lucky Charms and some toast on a rusty cookie sheet. Again, lowered expectations met. There were some lovely handmade cards from the kids and a great gift from Matt (which I picked out and purchased for myself.)

I got to take a long bath by myself and even shaved my legs (I know! Unheard of!)
Matt did most of the kid juggling during Sacrament Meeting, and used his magical abilities to put Lucas to sleep. The speakers were refreshing and the music lovely (I love it when the kids sing!).

I can't remember what we had for dinner, but we had friends over for dessert! All in all, it was a wonderfully amazing day.

My favorite part of the day, however, was this:

A lovely post-breakfast snuggle with my babies.

I know... I'm not exactly look all that foxy. I'm over it.

There's just something so amazingly wonderful about feeling all their HUGE spirits shoved into those tiny bodies so very close to you. I felt my room swell with love.

And I felt a little sad that not every moment in my life as a mother is as sweet as these.

And I resolved to do better. To be a better mother.
And I was.

For 15 whole minutes.


Rebekah said...

Definitely so lovely.

P.S. Is Abbie wearing anything in that picture?

Lee said...

What a lovely day. I love your outlook and attitude. So wonderful and refreshing. A great reminder.

stephanie said...

i love this post. i love what you said about big spirits in tiny bodies. so true. you made me want to be a better mother.

Alissa said...

Ha! pretty sure abbie has on undies. its hot here at night... she probably just abandoned her pjs partway.

Maleen said...

I have those moments often where I am amazed that these little spirits were sent to me; amazed that little bodies contain huge personalities and wisdom; amazed by the love that might burst from my chest and smother them; and of course amazed at how quickly it dissolves and I am back to an ounce of patience.
Motherhood sure is an adventure.

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

I had to "work" more this Mother's Day than any other, but I also got to spend it with WAY more people I love. And it was the best one yet.

Unknown said...

You are so good to lower your expectations. I don't think I've ever been very good at accepting reality in these types of areas.

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