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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Better School Pictures- Take 2!

Last year, I started a program which I received a great response from and which I totally enjoyed doing. Better School Pictures!

I really wasn't sure if I'd be feeling up to it again this year, but I'm finally starting to feel better, and I've been being harassed to do this event again! So, I relent!

Here are the details, which are only slightly different from last year.

The Better School Picture Day

Saturday, September 19th, 2009
9am - 11am at a location TBA in the Longwood/Lake Mary Area.
$25 per child. I spend 5-10 minutes with each of your children. Just time enough to get 3-5 great shots of them. Your pictures will be fully edited and presented in an online gallery. The $25 pays for the sitting and ONE fully edited full-resolution file on a Data DVD with rights to print. If you decide you would like all 3-5 files, the cost is only $50 total (or an additional $25, make sense?)

Email Me now to reserve your spot! Or call! Whatever!

Here are some of the fun examples from last year!

Can't wait to hear from you!


Becky said...

I wish I lived near you :(

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

Psst! September 22nd is not a Saturday

stephanie said...

this is like the best idea ever. i so wish i lived in florida - just for this.

Dottie said...

So this is awesome! I want to know all about your camera and editing software! I have camera envy! Wish we were close, I'd totally take advantage of this deal!

Jenny said...

sigh...why do I live so far. That is so awesomely priced, even I could swing it. Please please come visit.

Ruth Solter said...

So- do you think you can get a picture of Dad smiling?

Sabra at Sew a Straight Line said...

For the love! I need you in UT, Liss!

Lei said...

Ah, the pioneer of the great Better School Picture idea. Lee passed it on to me, and I think it's genius!!!

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