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Monday, February 15, 2010

Tonight's Family Prayer: An excerpt

As given by Miles.

"Please bless that we can be healthy and strong."
"Please bless that we can see who is the strongest."

At which point I couldn't take it anymore and started laughing so hard I was crying.
Love this kid.


sheri said...

So? Who's the strongest?

Audrey said...

that's hilarious! time for the feats of strength? I love to listen to children's prayers.

ba and the boys said...

watch out! heavenly father listens to kids prayers and answers them first! i have seen it happen way too many times!

Jen said...

That is great, kids are so funny.

Jamie said...

That is the cutest little prayer! It is funny how a boy's mind works.

michelle said...

he says the darndest things!

Jenny said...

Seriously, I love that boy

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