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Sunday, February 7, 2010


Abbie is turning 8 very soon. In the LDS faith, that marks a very special occasion. She's getting baptized. My in-laws came to town a couple of weeks early so they could enjoy some of the warmer weather we have, and to enjoy a cruise... they're visiting from Calgary. How do you spell cold?

Well, in typical Lucas fashion, he would have NOTHING to do with Grandma, but was inexplicably drawn to Grandpa. He really likes the men. What can I say?

And Grandpa was more than happy to give Lucas some of his attention. It was great. I mean, you can't deny that look, right?


Audrey said...

Great picture ;) Hope you guys had a great time!

w said...

what a nice picture!

Ambrosia said...

That is too darling. What a sweet look of adoration. Happy Upcoming Baptism Day! I can't believe she's already 8.

Jamie said...

That picture is so cute. Hooray for family coming to visit during very special events! Your mom told me they were driving down this week. Hope you have a great weekend! :)

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