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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Excuses, Excuses!

My dad is the awesomest, most talented woodworker I know. We've been the recipient of some of the coolest gifts (and others that I have failed to document here!).

In November, when we went to my parents' house for a visit, my dad gave me my Christmas present. A baby cradle. He's making one for each of his children. They're to be heirlooms. I just need to decide which kid I like best. The cradle will be the item I hold over their heads and use as threats when they decide to become teenagers.

At any rate, my dad asked that each of his children take a picture of THEIR child/children sleeping in the cradle, so that he could post it on his website. I received a slightly annoyed instant message from him a couple of days ago, "Libby is the only picture missing now..."

*Sigh* Sorry Dad!
You're more than welcome to put THIS picture on your website. Perhaps it will explain why I have not yet taken a lovely picture of my daughter in the gorgeous cradle you built.

1. Libby. Trying to sleep. Trying.
2. The cradle! You built it! Thank you! We love it. Really.
3. Very large bin of clean laundry that needs (and has needed for about a week now) to be folded and put away.
4. Lucas. Sweetly "rocking" his "Bibby." Do I really need to go on?
5. The crib bumper from Lucas's crib that's been sitting in this corner since before Libby was born. Awesome.
6. A very large pile of maternity clothes that needs to be given away/sold.

Again, Dad. You're more than welcome to put this picture on your website. There's also this picture, but you did say you wanted the cradle included in the picture...


Jen said...

the cradle is awesome.

Resweater said...

The cradle is fantastic, but that picture is the sweetest!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

That cradle is amazing. Lucky you, and grandkids

Jenny said...

I totally got jipped.

Jamie said...

What an awesome cradle! I didn't know your dad had his own website… very cool. It is beautiful (and so is that sweet little baby!)

likeschocolate said...

How blessed you are to have such a talented father. Your daughter is gorgeous!

Jenny Zemp said...

omigoodness. as soon as my boat comes in, i'm commissioning your dad to make me a lot of stuff. and you to take pictures of my kids with it all!

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