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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Avoiding Inundation.

Yes, we went on a vacation. Yes, it was fabulous. I'm going to try to slowly blog about all the wonderful and fabulous things we did, but it'll probably a post/day about it until I'm done.

For starters, this was a road trip.  Is there really any other way to do it with five kids? We certainly can't afford the $2000 in airline tickets just to get to my parents. Plus, if we travel by car minivan we can stop wherever the heck we want.

Our first stop was in Roanoke, VA where Matt's sister and her family live. We dig them. They tolerate us.
 There we met up with Hannah (above) and Emily (below).
Emily and Lucas pretended to be friends when everyone was looking. But when everyone was preoccupied with all the delicious food Audrey forced us to eat, they were just plain brutal to each other. It's been over a week since we saw them and Lucas's scratches have finally healed (not even kidding!). But don't worry, it wasn't all Emily as we caught Lucas biting her several times. Our only consolation was that they were equally matched in meanness.
She looks real tough, eh?


elizabeth said...

I can't believe Emily or Lucus being mean! they look like angels.Welcome back! I miss your blog

Audrey said...

so tuff :) i don't remember forcing anyone to eat though. we loved having you guys...come back sometime soon!

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