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Friday, July 30, 2010

Moving On

From there, we traveled the six hours from VA to where my parents live in Pennsylvania. And from the moment we arrived it was all about the swings. My parents have several (as in LOTS) of mature trees on their property. When I was growing up, I remember spending HOURS on rope swings, climbing trees, building forts, and even raking the leaves into big piles in the fall. It is the same today for my children and that makes me so darned happy I could wet my pants.

 I can't really give you the full magnitude of how high this particular rope swing goes, but this might give you a vague idea. The man in the picture is my oldest brother Adam... He's about 6 feet tall.
Hold on tight!


sheri said...

That is so awesome I might wet my own pants.

Cheri said...

What fun!!! I LOVED trees growing up. We lived next to an old orchard, and my best friend's dad was a carpenter...so endless supply of wood and nails. I think we built a tree fort in almost every tree. Your trip looks like it was wonderful, and I love the shawl!

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