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Friday, August 6, 2010

NYC Day 2

 Day 2 in NYC turned out to be the busiest day EVER. Just keep in mind that we didn't take a cab anywhere... we walked EVERYWHERE except when it was faster to get on the Subway.
 We started the day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was a lot of art. There was a Picasso exhibit that was packed but interesting. There was a LOT we didn't get to see because of exhaustion and time constraints.
 Oh, and because of Libby (she wasn't real happy).

 Also, sculpture is kind of insane. How on earth do they do that?! (Julius Cesar).
 Matt would have liked to have spent more time there, but truthfully I think you'd have to spend weeks there to get the full idea of the massive amount of art they have in their collections.

From there, we left the Met and bought ourselves a sweet hot dog from a street vendor (classy!) and then we walked ACROSS Central Park. It's a really big park. Painfully so. We did all this to enjoy one of these:
What's that? We failed to take a picture before we devoured THREE huge cupcakes? Judge me.
We hopped on the Subway and ended up in Chinatown. Then we remembered that we didn't really want to be in Chinatown. So we got BACK on the Subway and rode it to Ground Zero.
I wish I could explain to you the feeling that exists there. It's as if the rest of NYC is bustling right along and it's loud and noisy and dirty... and when we walked by Ground Zero (which is really all you can do right now... there's not much to see. Hence, no pictures.) I felt a distinct calm. I was moved to tears.

From Ground Zero, it's just a couple quick blocks to the Brooklyn Bridge, which we decided to walk over (since we were staying in Brooklyn with Matt's cousin and her family).

 Really cool! Wonderful views of the city. Breezy.

That very well may have been my favorite part of the day. It was the closest we came to seeing The Statue of Liberty (shameful!). But it was fun. Highly recommend it!

 As always, Libby was a dreamboat.
And yes, those are my feet. They were FILTHY by the end of the day. And blistered. I'm really unsure how far we walked, but I have no doubt that I got my 10,000 steps. Time for a pedicure.


jen@odbt said...

I'm enjoying your visit to NYC. We went last summer but it was such a quick trip. I don't miss the dirt though. Hope your toesies have recovered from all the walk.

sheri said...

What an awesome day! But duh...you planned on walking all over NYC and you wore flip flops?! ROFL

likeschocolate said...

What a fun day! How great it is too get away. Lucky Ducks!

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