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Monday, August 9, 2010

NYC Day 3

Fortunately for all of you, we only spent 3 days in NYC. I'm not sure I could have kept up our pace any longer anyway.

We started out the day at the Natural History Museum. Now THAT is a museum I could go back to over and over. The whole time we were there, I kept saying, "Oh man, the kids would LOVE this place!"

After we left there, we walked over to the best lunch ever. The Shake Shack.
We sat on a park bench, with a nice breeze blowing over us, chowing on the best hamburgers we'd had in a VERY long time. We sat on that bench for quite some time, just really enjoying each others' company and watching the people walking by. That would have to be my very favorite memory from NYC.

From there we walked down Broadway (didn't see any shows), got some more cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery (not as good as Crumbs, but lets be honest, neither can hold a candle to MY homemade cupcakes).

For a couple moments that afternoon, I felt like it wouldn't be so bad to live in NYC. Except for the rent.
We caught the Subway to Times Square. It wasn't actually on our list of things to do, but we'd basically accomplished everything else, so why the heck not?!
Once we got there, however, we realized that we were within walking distance of a very famous store. So we walked the uh... 10 blocks (farther than we originally estimated) to go to B&H Photo Video. It was awesome. They use a conveyor belt system so that you don't have to carry any of your purchases around with you (I'm sure it totally cuts out shoplifting - you don't touch anything you purchase until AFTER you've bought it). It was totally cool and Matt left with a new little toy. He's been having a blast ever since. We can't wait to get his first roll developed!
 It was really weird at times to be walking by these totally famous buildings and not point and laugh at what felt like the absurdity of it all.

And as I mentioned before, this is the closest we got to the Empire State Building. Shame on us. We took this picture and then immediately went and caught the Subway back to Chinatown one last time. We met up with our awesome friends, the Forbes, who came down from Albany to have a delicious Chinese dinner with us.
I have absolutely zero pictures of this event, so it may or may not have happened.

We were fairly well-spent after all of our walking and seeing and buying. So, it was definitely time to head back to get our kids (which we did the next day), but not before buying some delicious bagels. I'm still craving them.

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Jenny said...

Oh man. I so need to get away with Jason the next time we are at mom and dad's.

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