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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We made an attempt at a family Christmas pictures (which eventually did yield something profitable).
But for awhile there, I was certain that we were going to have to send out our Christmas Cards with the following letter:

Dear All -
We know you appreciate honesty and laughter. This image is both. It also represents all five of our children. Please enjoy at your own risk.

The Us.

We have:
1. Abbie posing as though she's SUPER COOL, instead of a child who continues to wear sneakers that are too small because she decided to grow after Mom made the executive decision to buy her nice Nike's and now can't bring herself to afford another pair.
2. Anna bawling because her older sister has the audacity to pose in the same picture as her. Or maybe the breeze blew her in the wrong way... either way, tears.
3. Miles holding Libby because he's recently decided that he's big enough to take care of her all by himself. Yes, my heart flutters in fear.
4. Lucas picking a fight with Miles. 'Nuf said.
5. Libby going with the flow. Because that's what she does.

I hope you've enjoyed this peek into our chaos.


Char @ Crap I've Made said...

One of these years I swear I'm sending a card of my boys fighting that says "Season's Beatings!"

Cheri said...

I was laughing at your post Alissa - so PERFECT, and then blew snot out my nose at Char's comment. (I know, TMI.)

sheri said...

Best picture ever!

ba and the boys 2 said...

i love your kids!

Melinda said...

Maybe you should send out both pictures so people will appreciate what you have to deal with.

Jamie said...

Like! It's the real world, right?

Jamie said...

I didn't intend for my last comment to sound so 'valley-girl'. I obviously have been spending too much time on facebook.

Anonymous said...

Superb. <3 :D

Emelie said...

I love it. I thought only I got pictures like these. I love that you blogged about each personality. It makes it more loveable. Maybe I only say that because they're not my kids. I think I'll give it a try with one of my crazy photos.

By the way I'm new to your blog, but I LOVE it. So refreshing and fun to read.
Plus I love that you spin!! I would ove to learn something like that. Too bad I can't learn from you.

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