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Friday, March 18, 2011


 I have been dragging out the camera less and less often. It's really quite sad.
I'm not even sure what prompted me to bring it along on this very normal trip to the park. But I did.... and I'm so glad.

After all, who doesn't need pictures of their baby looking exceedingly devilish?
Or their 9 year old looking nearly teenaged?
Or to capture your 7 year old in a flight of fancy?
Or your 5 year old trying to melt you with his mind powers?
Or your nearly 3 year old acting somewhat behaved?
Well, who wouldn't want that?


sheri said...

I totally see you in Lucas' face!

elizabeth said...

I am glad you brought your camera too. What a bunch of cute kids and I am so proud to be their grandma.

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