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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Just a quick catchup post... Libby had a birthday nearly a month ago now. We gave her a cupcake.

She did not fail to entertain.

We even took a video of the whole thing. It's pretty long, but the first minute and the last minute are fun to watch... we are video editing dunces.

The best part is that this is what she looks like after almost every meal.


Audrey said...

so awesome! that looks like a yummy cupcake too :)

bluekaeru said...

Was that her first taste of cake? If so, I am shocked by how well she got into it. Both of my boys had no idea what to do with the cake and after one handful got upset at the sticky stuff they could not get off of their hands. Happy birthday to Libby. Great video!

Jenny said...

My favorite part is where she finally just bends over and takes a bite out of it.

emiily said...

oh she's so cute! and she really seems to love the cupcake :)

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