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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Getting tired of my kids?

I know I am!!!

Ok, only partly kidding about that one, but since I don't have any sessions (and I am terrible at still life and landscape--something I SHOULD be working on!) you get my kids.

But not today. Lucky you. Today you get my friend's kid!

Meet Ethan. He's got more energy than all three of my kids put together... and it's dizzying and exhausting... just ask his mother. But he's a hoot!
Took the kids to see The Santa Clause 3 today. While my kids enjoyed it, I have to say Please... please let that be the last one. I mean, we only paid $4 total (for the 4 of us), but it wasn't even worth that. Good thing the kids have TERRIBLE taste!

I have a fabulous story about my thief, Abbie, but it'll have to wait until Sunday or something. I have an 8am church meeting tomorrow (so wrong!!!)


heidi~r. said...

He is adorable! I hear you on the Santa movies...time to put the idea to rest!

Melissa Davis said...

He's cute! I like the eye contact in the first one.

Robyn said...

Nice colour. He sure is cute

Mia said...

There is something about boys named Ethan. So cute, but so exhausting!

Lee said...

He is so cute. I love these pictures, great shots.
I can't wait to hear the story!

dastew said...

I have no pity for you Liss, I had a 7:30 meeting. And given my authority issues, I might as well have gotten a root canal.

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