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Sunday, February 11, 2007


I think, in my professional-mother-of-girls opinion, that boys use their imaginations more. I watch boys play and their toys just lend so much to greater creativity. Legos? Knex? Magnetix? These are toys that totally rock. Girls get Polly Pockets. Not really all that much to be creative about. And while it's fun to watch my girls play "Mom and Dad" and change the freaking Polly Pocket's clothes about 18 times, it gets old.

Lately, Abbie and Anna have been playing with my best friend's sons alot. Twin 5 year old boys. Their favorite game: "Bad Mega-Dragon". What is this game? We're not entirely sure. We think it involves pretending to kill dragons. Or fight dragons. Or fight each other. And while "boy-play" is more imaginative, it's also more violent! Hello?! Polly Pocket never gets out her lightsaber and slays her best friend because she took her favorite Jimmy Choos!!!

Anyway. Today, right before dinner, I used the last paper towel on the roll, which of course meant it was time for some binoculars. My husband quickly whipped them up and Abbie was off in the back yard, hunting for some animals.

Since I was making dinner, I sent Matt out with the camera. He did a pretty good job! Could've used a higher ISO and shutter speed for sharper pictures, but they work!

Here's the part that really gets me. When she came back in, I asked her if she saw any tigers, lions, elephants or giraffes out there. Her answer, "No Mom! Those animals live in Zoos, not in Florida. There are no Zoos in Florida."

First: Those animals don't live in Zoos! Yes, some do, but not all!!! Time for a safari!
Second: We do too have a Zoo in Florida!!! In fact, we live about 20 minutes away. No, I've never taken them. I know, I'm a terrible parent. I'm just waiting until I can afford a membership.
Third: Hello?! Have you no imagination!? You can't pretend you saw some animals?! Geez. Girls!

A couple more pictures for fun.

And finally, one of those, "hold the camera out as far as you can, and snap a picture" shots.


Betty "CC" Gray said...

Love this. I'm anti-Polly myself. lol bu I know that my DD wouldn't be "cool" if she didn't have any. Oh well...:-)

Robyn said...

Great story and pics

Stephanie said...

I really enjoyed hearing your point of view on how girls play and how boys play...from a mommy with 4 boys.

Paige said...

How come your "hold the camera out and snap the picture" pictures work and when I do that they just look like a close up of my nose. Maybe the camera? Maybe the skill level of the photographer? We'll never know, will we?

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