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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Gah! Tagged.

I was so excited because the "8 Random Things About Me" Meme was passing through bloglandia and I had somehow dodged the bullet. Thanks alot Joanna and Ginger!

1. I do not enjoy cooking. Like seriously, probably my least favorite thing ever. Even more than cleaning. However, if I were to get a maid or cook... I'd get a maid. I think.

2. My birthday is next week... woot! I'll be 28. OLD. Ok, not really OLD persay, but OLD ENOUGH.

3. I'm a book cheater. If I'm reading a book and can't stand the suspense, I'll flip forward to find out what happens. EVERY TIME. I guess, going along with that, I am a terrible secret keeper and will go to extensive lengths to find out what my birthday and Christmas presents are beforehand. I think Matt has surprised me ONE time in our 7 years of marriage. It was a Valentine's Day gift.

4. I have only take 3 pictures since I returned from Utah. I'm just feeling creatively stifled.

5. I leave in 2.5 hours to pick Matt up from the airport. He's been out of town for the last 4ish days in Austin, TX attending a conference. I miss him desperately.

6. We are in the market for a new cell phone/provider. We're currently with TMobile, but aren't opposed to changing. We're considering either staying with TMobile and just re-upping our plan or moving to Cingular/AT&T. Anyone ever sign up online? We want the great web deals you get on the phones...

7. My favorite movie of all time is French Kiss. My second favorite: Return to Me. Obviously, I enjoy a certain girly genre.

8. I'm saving for a new camera. Hello, Nikon D3!

I'm not gonna tag anyone, because I think it's mostly made the rounds.


Anonymous said...

OMG, this is what a meme tag is? My sister in law tagged me on one of my posts a couple of months ago, and I literally though it was telling me to add the tag 'meme', LOL!

Mia said...

I forgot that I'm older than you. Only by a few weeks, but it's still weird. I don't like being older than my friends. It makes me feel OLD.

Mary Denton Taylor said...

Hey! It's a fellow book cheater!!!! I thought I was the only one who does that! But, I don't do it EVERY time, just sometimes. ;)

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