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Saturday, September 22, 2007



(For the record, that's my old family blog.)

I have a hard time believing that was actually two years ago. And that my tiny guy who once looked like this:
Now, is a rough-housing bully of a two year old who looks like this:
And here's a better shot of that cake! Made it myself! Okay, with some significant coaching from Amber.

And no, it's far from perfect. But, it's also my first foray into dealing with fondant. Matt has requested all fondant cakes from now on... they're more aesthetically pleasing. I used buttercream frosting to hold it together, but I should have been a little neater about it. Oh well. All the kids thought it was, "THE COOLEST LEGO CAKE, LIKE EVAH!" (said in my best 5 year old boy voice.)

Some more pictures from our mini-party.
I know this is almost identical to the one above, but look at that adorable grin!!! For some reason, the entire time he sat there while we sang to him, etc, he had his arms folded like we were about to pray. So cute!
And for some mediocre and somewhat blurry pictures of the gift opening. Our friends gave him this awesome "shake up" car. He LOVES it.
And yes, he was ecstatic about the LEGOS. Matt is counting down the hours until he can buy REAL ones for him. I'm making him wait another 3 or 4 years.
What's that? You weren't sure what was in the bright green box?
Why yes, it's more LEGOS. He kept holding out the bags until I would take a picture. He was pretty stoked.

And finally, here he is. The face of two.


Amber said...

Great job!! Seriously looks fab. Did you buy the pan? Also? Good job on the boy too. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILES!!!

Emily said...

Love the cake- you did great! (and I'm totally copying for one of my boy's birthdays!)
Happy Birthday Miles!

Lost A Sock said...

Happy Birthday Miles!!

Great job on the cake. How fun is that?!

sheri said...

Happy Birthday, Miles! Awesome cake skillz, too!

Mickey Family said...

Happy B-day!!! I hate how fast time flies. My 4 year old promised me as soon as she turns 5 and gets to go to Kindergarten she would stop growing up! Yay! I am totally holding her to it! Nice job on the cake!

Hil said...

Happy Birthday Miles!
Being 2 is Super!
Great Lego Cake!!!

dastew said...

I want a lego cake!!! Seriously my life must suck compared to a kid that gets one of those.

g said...

Miles is SO cute! And great job on the cake!

Amy (3 Peas) said...

Happy Birthday Miles!!!
Love the birth story- holy moly!
The cake looks great :)

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