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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rhymes with Paris.

Sweet, sweet baby girl that I had the joy of photographing today. She did the appropriate thing and peed on dad.


Anonymous said...

OMG that is so funny, peed on dad!:) She sure is precious beautiful capture here.

Melinda said...

Ohh my baby is so sweet!! Well maybe I'm a little biased. Beautiful shot. Thank you!

g said...

Oh my goodness, how old is that little baby?! How sweet she is!

Mia said...

Ethan pooped twice during his first real photo shoot at 3mo. Once in the seat the photographer had (he kept shooting though b/c Ethan was still happy) and once while I was holding him (I managed to angle him away from me, so the floor got a huge spray, luckily it was tile.)

And hey, are you going to come to Boston to shoot Edward? I hate paying people I don't know to do it.

Sarah said...

I wish I wish I wish I'd had an amazing photographer like you take portraits of my babies. We've never gotten any professional portraits of any of us in my 7 years of marriage but these kind of shots really take someone who knows what the are doing. I love this shot because I can almost feel the soft delicacy of the babies skin and smell her milky mouth. What a great job you have!

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