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Monday, December 31, 2007

160. Not too shabby.

I started this blog last January 5th. It was meant to be a Project 365 blog, where I post a picture every day. While I believe I've posted at least 365 pictures, it was not even close to being every day. But I did post 160 entries in 2007. Really, that's a little less than every 3 days. I'm not complaining. And yet, I have people telling me, POST MORE!

I'm ashamed to admit that I never posted a post-Christmas wrap-up, regarding our holiday. Mostly because I didn't take a single picture. We shot some video footage, which may never see the light of day... courtesy of Matt being 1. too lazy and 2. not being able to figure out how to edit/load/etc the footage we've shot.

Needless to say, the kids LOVED it. Abbie showed up at 6:30am looking quite bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to inform me that Santa had indeed come. He even left a note and presents!! Can you believe it?!

Abbie received a Lap Harp, which Santa confided he was worried would be to "old" a gift for her. But she LOVES it. Can totally play it, and I have woken up every single morning to the tinkling of her playing. It's wonderful.

Santa brought Anna an easel, even though she's been far from pleasant lately. He did, however, withhold gum from her stocking, due to recent events, while everyone else got some. She was amazed that Santa knew!

Miles ended up getting totally spoiled. I feel so guilty. Next year I'm going to have to tell Santa that Miles doesn't need Trains & Cars & Dinosaurs & ...

But far and away the favorite gift were the two fantastic condition 16" girls' bikes I received from an extremely kind and giving lady off of Freecycle. It was a Christmas Miracle. Now if only I could find training wheels that actually work! Curse you Schwinn!

I actually received my Christmas present early so that I could put it to good use. But Matt surprised me with an Electric Griddle which I've been wanting for years, due to our Sunday tradition of Breakfast for Dinner. Mmm. Bacon.

Santa bought Matt some of the inner workings (4GB of RAM and a 400 GB Hard Drive) for a new computer he has plans to build. But Matt also ended up with a couple other random small surprises.

Overall, we're giving ourselves the gift of organization. Considering that we're expecting our 4th child, and we are already feeling quite cramped in this 1200 square feet, 3 bedroom duplex... we needed to either move to a bigger place or get organized. Also taking into consideration the lack of sufficient pay raise we've received since we were expecting #3... we're not moving. We're pretty sure that's official. We just laid down a bundle at IKEA on shelves, etc to maximize our living space. We relocated my computer/office area from our tiny bedroom, to the dining area we rarely use. Matt FINALLY figured out what was wrong with our wireless network, after two years of trying. So, yay! We're wireless!

And now, 2008 is upon us. Yikes! Just over 3 months till Eng v. 4.0 shows up. Lots to do, so very little time. I really dislike making resolutions, so I'm not gonna. But I will say that my plan is to post here more, play with my family more and worry less.


Lee said...

I have to know do you love the bag? I desperatley need one, but I don't know what to get. So I would love your opinion.
And my camera the temp was 21 and it was in the car for 5 hours before I got a chance to try it. So hopefully that is what drained the battery.

Lee said...

oh yeah.. Happy New Year!

Amy (3 Peas) said...

Happy New Year! :)

Matt said...

The Mori family also enjoys breakfast for dinner. I'm gettin' hungry just thinking about it.

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