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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Not really a client.

But my first shoot back, nonetheless. This is my best friend (who is sadly without blog, hint hint), Melinda's daughter. She's now 6 months old and the roundest kid you've ever seen. My kids NEVER get this kinda chub.
But I'll be darned if all those rolls don't look fabulous on her.


sheri said...

What a beautiful baby! And you KNOW how much I love the chubs.

Melinda said...

Oh thank you so much!! I was really hoping you'd post some today. And yeahoo you did. They look fantastic!! Thank you, thank you! They were just what I wanted.

Brian said...

Yeah, my kids' a chubber too!

Although I prefer to call him a beefcake!

Amber said...

What a cute butt! I love the chubs as well. She's adorable! Congrats to Melinda!

Rachel said...

i LOVE the naked bum! and oh-my-gosh, the rolls! i think i'll have to do that with Jake and not tell his dad until after. . .it's too darn cute! only Jake doesn't have the adorable thigh rolls. . .still so cute though!

Parker Family said...

how cute :)

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