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Monday, May 19, 2008

Welcome to the Comedy that is my life!

So we're in a drought here in FL. I honestly can't remember the last time it rained. Our grass is all but dead, despite watering. So, as you can tell, rain is welcomed with open arms.

Today, I step outside to go get Abbie (walk to pick her up. . . you see where this is going, no?) from school and am met by a blast of humidity and heat. Yick. Also, some slightly ominous looking clouds... but I figured I had about 1/2 hour before rain. It's about a fifteen minute walk to the school, 15 minute walk home... I should be safe.

Well, apparently my ability to estimate the speed at which the clouds were moving was just plain bad. We were about 5 minutes from the school when I noticed a single drop of rain on my arm... within 10 seconds we're in a full-on deluge. I figured that at this point, there's no turning back... I couldn't get home in time to not get soaked. So, forge on...

We stood there in the rain until I was soaked through my underwear. Anna was soaked. Miles was mildly protected by the canopy in the stroller. Only Lucas, protected by the larger canopy of the double stroller and also by a blanket, was spared. The best part was that there were a ton of parents waiting in their cars to pick up their children. I'm sure they were thinking I was a total moron, because I was just standing there grinning ridiculously.

Thank you for the rain!


Amy G. said...

That's so weird... it hasn't rained here at all! Okay, so I am like, 6 miles away... but still!

Jenny said...

Nice. I would have likely done the same thing. As long as it is warm outside, I LOVE the rain.

sheri said...

Yay for rain!

Melinda said...

i wanted some pics of your silly wet selves.

Hil said...

I would love to send our rain down there! It has been constantly raining! I'm ready for some warmth and sun! It's almost June! That would be hilarious to see Mom and four kids walking down the street drenched! I would have been smiling and singing a rain song and claiming I had brought the rain!!!

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