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Monday, June 23, 2008


My children are obsessed with their heritage. They absolutely LOVE that they are 1/2 Chinese. However, it is a source of sadness and misery for them that they are 1/2 Honky-White. They lament their whiteness quite frequently.

"But I wanna be WHOLE Chinese!" For example.

I, personally, don't mind my glaring skin and propensity to burn to a crisp in this Florida sun. But whatever.

As it is summer, we've been spending alot more time in the out of doors. And while I slather my children with sunblock at every turn, their skin continues to get darker and darker. Last week, after a fabulous day at a friend's pool, I was taken aback by Abbie's appearance.

Mom: "Whoa! Abbie! You're getting SO dark! You're turning downright brown!"
Anna (who was standing nearby): "Oh!!!! You're turning WHOLE CHINESE!??!?!!!!!"

Seriously folks, it's a laugh a minute around here.


Audrey said...

OK, that is hilarious. Though you should know, when I was young and turned very brown from the TX sun everyone thought I was 100% Hispanic :)

Tricia said...

Too cute! I 'd settle for quarter chinese myself. Anything to give my skin a color other than the lovely shade of "butt white"

Amy G. said...

Too funny. You're kids are the cutest. Can I have one?

No wait. I've got one of my own on backorder for October.

I'm so white, I use my legs to meter my camera. Fortunately my kids seem to get their daddy's skin which tans very nicely.

Puddin Pie kiss the boys and made them cry! said...

Oh, I am so laughing out loud, I would roll on the floor if my belly wouldn't get in the way. Seems as if the same conversations are going on in your house too. Payton tans so she can be darker she thinks she is hispanic. I took a picture of Phoenix the other day and Mike said she looks black. I said "HELLO, have you met her mother". Biracial kids are so much fun.

dastew said...

Your kids are great. I felt kind of bad that I wasn't more awake to play with them Sunday morning. That said I've got to stop playing the role of the human jungle gym, I don't know how much longer my back will take it.

smart mama said...

LOL- my kids are part white and part ultrabright white-- as evidenced by the wide disparity between their skin tone and every other kid at the pool!

La Yen said...

I love your kids.

April said...

Too funny!!!!

Jane said...

That is funny! My kids fight over who has a birth mother and who just has me... Aly feels left out that she doesn't have a birth mother like Tori and Cole.

Kate Chartrand said...

Yeah, Chinese pride! Tyler and Claire love being 1/2 Chinese too.

Lara said...

That's cute! My kids are 1/4 Canadian but for some reason that doesn't excite anyone.

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