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Thursday, June 19, 2008


I know I've posted pictures of this shirt before, but I had to post the full outfit. I made the babylegs from a tutorial I found online. Love them. So cute and they make diaper changes EASY.

Also, have I told you the story of the chair? I haven't? Well, lucky you.
the chair.

Because the new house has an upstairs (all the bedrooms) and a downstairs (all the living spaces), I desperately needed a chair to nurse in during those midnight feedings. Two days before Lucas was born, I decided what better place to walk the kid out of me than at IKEA, eh? On my way out of the store, I visited my very favorite part, AS IS. And there sat my chair. Without thinking twice, I bought it. Then I thought twice. How was I going to get this into my van?! I'm 38 weeks pregnant! Luckily, a very nice gentleman helped me hoist it on into the van.

By the time I got home, I was so excited that I immediately pulled the chair out of the van and into the house, up our stairs and into the bedroom. I figured all that exertion could only send me into labor and what a dirty shame that would be! I love this chair. It's totally perfect.

Oh, and so is he! (Did I mention he's been sleeping through the night?!!!)
cute kid, eh?


stephanie said...

love the shirt. love the baby legs. love the chair.

do you think he could teach my stella how to sleep through the night?

Rachel said...

love that red chair. could you drag it around on top of your car to photograph other babies too? it is seriously super cute.

Amber said...

That onsie makes me giggle. I love it. Love the baby in it too. The chair is fabulous! I need to visit IKEA when I've got some money to spend.

Sara Boulter said...

I'm coveting the chair and the shirt. Send them over. You don't need them anymore. I do. Come on.

Really, so cute. All around, through and through, cuuuute!

Audrey said...

LOVE the outfit (the baby legs are perfect) and LOVE the chair!

Anonymous said...

I love the leg warmers, I didn't think boys could pull those off, but boy was I wrong! The pics are so cute, he is one cool dude!!! Anyway,do you think you could share the site address so I could make some for Kaleb? Uh, and the story about the chair, love it, I would've done the same thing. I moved our stuff off the truck into storage 1 wk. before Kirsten was born, 2.5 wks early. I also went into preterm labor a month early with Kyler because I was ripping paneling off the wall and breaking it in half, long story! Luckily, they stopped labor, I still had him 2.5 wks early. The day I had him they were thinking about sending me home, so they told me to go walk. Walk, forget that!!! Paul and I went racing across the bridge and my Mom & I kept going in the elevators jumping up & down!!! Poor kid, he came out eventually that night. Wonder what I will do this time??? Ikea perhaps, hey it worked for you!

Jennifer said...

awww I love that second one!

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