What's Going Down

Monday, June 2, 2008

Signs they've taken over.

The children, that is. They obviously outnumber Matt & I, so it's only fitting that our house is not our own (don't tell them that!)

Exhibit A: The Bookcase

Notice the following:
  • Diapers - in bulk. For both Miles and Lucas. See, the bedrooms are upstairs and I haven't found a cute basket to stick diaper changing supplies for the downstairs in yet... but I hate running upstairs for a diaper. I'm lazy.
  • Calvin & Hobbes compilations as literature. Abbie LOVES them.
  • Crayons stashed as a quick-grab for church or other outings.
Exhibit B - The Yard:
All found in the planting bed in the backyard:
  • 4 Whiffle Balls
  • A deflated Earth globe from National Geographic
  • 2 Frisbees - at least one of which is broken.
  • The Sprinkler which I did not put there.
  • A cup. Why is there a cup outside? I have no earthly clue. I took this picture, and then walked away, the cup is still there. I'm an excellent parent. Yes.
  • What you will not find in our planting beds... plants that I planted.
Exhibit C - The Dining Room
Because we have a bar for the kids to eat at, we rarely eat at the table together. Matt and I either stand and eat in the kitchen with the kids, or eat by ourselves in the dining room. Not the best arrangement, but when your dining room has brand new carpet (don't get me started on the absurdity of carpeting in dining areas), there just aren't many options. So, basically the dining room table is the kids' craft table. There are almost always crayons, paper, coloring books, scissors, etc covering the table. It's almost not worth putting away since they'll just be getting it back out again.

Normally, I don't mind the ever-present child clutter. But today it's making me want to hide in a closet in the fetal position and rock back and forth until I can't remember my own name. Yes, it's been one of THOSE days.


Brian said...

Just so you know Calvin and Hobbes is LITERATURE!

In fact I bought that giant three volume complete collection a couple years back. Thing is heavy enough to kill and Elephant with. And Zach will grow up reading them, because I am a good parent.

Oh and as far as clutter goes I already feel like I've lost my house to my one kid and he's not even walking yet. I cannot imagine what it's going to be like with two (when we get around to that). Four? Insanity. I don't know how my Mom had TEN!

smart mama said...

is there room in your closet for another rocker- i am looking to escape

Jen said...

No doubt kids have a lot junk. It just seems to grow and can never stay in one place. I could take the same pic's here in my house.

Cheri said...

hear, hear. I pulled a pair of WET swimming trunks out from under my bed covers last night. Let's just say the little darlings were lucky they were already asleep....

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