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Monday, August 25, 2008

Braids. (The Politically Incorrect Version).

When I was growing up, my mom was the one who did our hair. After a bath, we'd take a brush to our dad, and have him brush it. He was always SO good! Gentle and caring and it felt like an amazing and wonderful scalp massage. Then we'd go to my mom and she'd do any updo that we requested.

On the rare occasion that my mom wasn't available to do our hair, my dad would do the ONE hairstyle he knew. And this is where it gets politically incorrect. The hairstyle was what my parents called Indian Braids. It was one of my very favorite ways to have my hair done, mostly because it meant that my dad did it.

Nowadays, I don't have much hair. Definitely not enough for braids. And the girls, well, they've got a plethora. And being that school's officially in session, each morning requires a new hairstyle. And so, I whipped out the Indian Braid from my arsenal.
braided first grader

Basically just a low, right behind the ear braid. I think it looks classic.
love it.

And Abbie loved it. Wanted them again this morning. I'm really loving having her hair longer. Which is why when she decided that she didn't like her bangs last week and took the scissors to them... I didn't respond like last time. I simply cut her some bangs.

Abbie asked me what these kind of braids were called. I told her that MY PARENTS (because it's okay if THEY'RE politically incorrect) called them Indian Braids. But if someone asked, just call them braids. I'm embarrassed.


Char @ Crap I've Made said...

SO cute! Some days I miss having hair options with Macy. I don't miss the screaming tizzies, though. ROFL.

Sabra at Sew a Straight Line said...

doing hair is just about the only thing that makes me a little sad to not have a girl. so cute.

Jenny said...

Ahh...the simple days of indian braids.

sheri said...

so, so cute! As much as I LOVE Kelly's hair, her crazy curls take away from the simpleness of this hairstyle. It looks perfect on Abbie!
And screw political correctness. Seriously. The kids not even being allowed to say "sit Indian Style" w/out getting in trouble? Gay. That's right. I said gay.

Hil said...

I remember your Lonng braids, and to see all the Solter girls with braids was always so cute! My daughter loves them too!

Arlyn said...

Hello. Google Reader recommended your blog to me tonight and I decided to check it out.

I just wanted to say that your photography is BEAUTIFUL. You probably hear that all the time, but I wanted to say it myself. I really enjoyed all of the great lighting and angles. What a talent.

And, yes, your drooling baby is adorable, as are the rest of your children. Thanks for letting me take a peek!

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