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Friday, August 29, 2008

NEEDED: Wealthy Benefactor

So, I've got a birthday coming up. The first two-nine. I'm trying not to think about it.

At any rate, my dear, gift-challenged sweet husband has been receiving links via email as to acceptable desired objects that will forever cement my love for him. Unfortunately, I either have extremely expensive tastes or we're not exactly rolling in it... it being money, of course. I'm pretty sure it's the latter.

I thought I could share the wide and varying selection of ideas I offered up.


I mean, come on. I've been married 8 years and I'm still working with this:

Yes, that's right folks. A $10 Proctor-Silex hand mixer. Please. This thing will NOT make bread.


I would love to be able to share the absolute cuteness and personality of my children on this here blog. However, I have no ability to capture video. This particular camcorder is supposed to be idiot-proof. Believe me, I need it. While I can work a camera like nobody's business, I'm a complete dunce when it comes to video.

Third: (Yes, the list was kinda long.)
It wouldn't be a proper birthday if I wasn't jonesing for something camera related, right?

I've heard really good things about this lens. You know I NEED it, right?


I know, I'm completely behind the times. I'm still sporting this bad boy:

Kinda bulky. Really annoying. I just want something small that plays music. And don't even get my started on headphones. I've tried EVERYTHING. Nothing stays in these tiny ear holes I've got.


This one is kind of a must, and if I don't get it for my birthday, I'm buying it anyway. My back is KILLING me!


My friend Char got one of these for herself. And everyone knows, I want nothing more in life that to be like Char. Get your own here.

Seventh and Finally: (So far.)

I drool over this magazine. Bring it.

As you can see, the list is long and sorta pricey. Of course, I wasn't asking him to buy me EVERYTHING!!! Just one should suffice. As long as it's this one. Hint. Hint. I'm fine with factory reconditioned. Nudge. Nudge.

Stay tuned to see how he does.


lacyboo said...

haha! i am totally dying for the mixer and the lens! but the necklace is soooo cute...where is it from. i lovvve pearls:)

sheri said...

First of all, I HAVE the KitchenAid. It's been in my storage room for 3 years now and I am in love w/my Cuisinart handmixer. And as for bread? I bought a killer breadmachine that does all the work for me. :)
The MP3 player you want/have...don't even know what either one is, lol. I've got an old school iPod w/a video screen that has been used exactly never. (the video screen...I use the iPod everytime I'm at the gym)

Alissa said...

The one i want is the shuffle. The one I have is an old school sansa.

Sabra at Sew a Straight Line said...

all good and worthy choices. Hopefully you get at least one from the list.

Amy G. said...

haha... I guess we can DREAM. We've been married for 9 years and I still have a Hamilton Beach hand mixer, we used to have a nice camcorder but it was stolen, and I have been begging for the exact same USB video recorder since I saw it as Sam's Club. Totally get the camera lens - it's a gotta have. If you saw my MP3 player you would laugh. And as for the mattress - I am SO WITH YOU THERE!


Hil said...

Okay share this with Matt, I am the queen of cheap! The kitchen Aid mixer, go straight to Kitchen Aid website they have factory reconditioned ones $150 or so, next shuffle go straight to apple get a reconditioned one, new ear pieces, same warranty $39 bucks, mattress topper ( i love mine, its like heaven go to overstock.com they have them very cheap $50 or so, and you could get all three....

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

May all your wildest dreams come true!

Brian said...

My wife shops at Ann Taylor and gets very expensive haircut/colors. I got her all 8 seasons of That 70's Show (over the course of over a year and only when they were on sale).

She buys all the expensive crap for herself, I buy her the fun stuff. I wish she'd stop buying the expensive stuff...

Lindsay said...

I love love love my Kitchen aid, and would highly recommend it to everyone. It makes making bread about as easy and as a boxed caked mix! Good Luck!

Puddin Pie kiss the boys and made them cry! said...

I want 3 of your six things too. I definately want the Flip video camera, the mixer(I too am still using a hand mixer) and the necklace. I thinking of buying the Flip today (Sam's Club), we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Hey, there's a giveaway for the necklace you want over at


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