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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Babies make me get all smooshy.

Despite the fervent resolve I have that Lucas is our last baby, every time I hold someone's new tiny skwooshy, heaven-scented baby I realize that I wouldn't be TOTALLY devastated to have another. But, I repeat to you, as I do myself every single day, we're done.

Kaleb was no different. He had me practically swooning and I just couldn't keep my nose off of him. He was the sweetest little thing even though he was 3.5 weeks old and so refused to sleep for me. Kaleb is my friend Carlee's sweet new baby boy. Carlee, I didn't see it at the shoot, but he does look JUST LIKE KYLER.

And so, the tiniest little sneak peek.


Moghimi Family said...

SO CUTE!!!!! I agree, he does look just like Kyler.

I'm with you Alissa...I get all swoon-ish over babies too. Joseph is only 3 month old and I find myself looking forward to the next one!!!! I am terrified that I will let myself get pregnant before I am really ready to have another one!!!! I just have to think back to the first four weeks of Joseph's life and how awful they were (I needed sleep) and I find I am able to talk myself out of going off of birth control. I hope that continues to work for a long time!!!!!

Oh, and if my vote counted - which of course it doesn't - I think you guys should have more kids because you make such cute ones!!!!!! :) But I'm sure you guys know what you are doing.

Hil said...

I too get the goo goos for babies! My youngest is nine and I still have to tell myself No More!! Even though I don't think it would be too bad! More people to help out!

Erica said...

Oh my gosh! I;m still swooning over Baby Joseph....and it did not help that Joann was wearing her baby in a Moby and looked gorgeous and Baby Joseph's delicious little toes were peeping out and his sweet red hair was just asking for a caress and....Aaahhh! OK, ny emergency memory for this Baby Smooshiness is my two daughters running away from me when I ask them to come to me, them kicking the back of my chair when I'm driving, them having horrible tantrums....and I still think they're hilarious and gorgeous and cute... I think we're in trouble in the baby area... I want another....EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK!

Amy G. said...

Super sweet! I feel all smooshy with Samantha... if I our lives weren't headed into such uncertain waters, I'd say "one more PLEASE??!?!" to Michael. He'd have a heart attack if he knew that!

Anonymous said...

Alissa, you were able to capture Kaleb's spirit in a photograph, he looks like a little angel! Thank you for taking the time to come over and take his picture, I go to your blog at least twice a day, just to see it.

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