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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Come to Florida.

If you read both His and this blog, then some of the pictures will be a repeat.

Santa brought the girls some roller skates, as per their request. Good thing we live in Florida, where today the temperature was expected to reach a record 82 degrees today. Yes, winter. I laugh in the face of winter. The rest of the United States is snowed in under inches and inches of snow. And we went to the park.

Now, the girls have skates, but have no idea how to make them work. As luck would have it, our local high school has a roller hockey rink attached to a playground. How do you spell fun times?


Abbie fared decently enough. She is actually able to move herself without falling. Anna, on the other hand...
She spent a good amount of time on her behind. But it didn't seem to bother her much.

Miles got lucky and has inherited a scooter from Anna.
And he's young enough, that he doesn't even care that it's bright pink.

And yes. Even I got in on the action:
I would estimate that I've not worn my rollerblades in at least 5 years.

And Lucas, well, he just dressed the part:
Sweet shoes, eh? And yes, he's standing by himself.
(All pictures at the rink were taken by Matt. The rest were taken by me.)

After we'd skated up a good sweat, we headed to the playground for a couple of minutes.
There was some slide-fun. And some swing-fun.
And my baby girl grew up before my very eyes.
(Sometimes she just looks so much older than 6).
Miles showed us how tough he is.
And how sweet he can be.
(Love that kid!)
And Lucas was in awe of all the fun to be had at the park (in DECEMBER!).
But he found himself something fun AND delicious!
And we felt like good parents for taking pictures instead of intervening.


sheri said...

Awesome pictures!
And I would cry if it were 82 here this past week. Living in Colorado for 18 years has stuck w/me even after 16 years in SoCal.

Becky said...

Lucas' shoes rock
Miles is kicking on that scooter
YOU look smoking hot
and both your girls look way too old

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

How fun to get roller skates AND have somewhere awesome to use them!

Lucas's shoes rule.

Sabra at Sew a Straight Line said...

yeah, it would be a much different post if Lucas were licking that pole around here. Love all the pictures!

Amber said...

I miss warm Christmases...

Hil said...

I would love to be in Florida!!! My Dad is currently there, my mom and grandma are on their way down tomorrow! So Not Fair!!! I hope to move down there in the next few months to few years max! I hate the cold! Your kids are getting so big!!

Rachelle said...

ahhh! warm weather all year long states. gotta love them! its way warmer there than here. it's only about 70 in so. cal.

looks like you had fun with your new christmas presents!

Maleen said...

Do you have room for six extra people? Oh, and some spare cash (say $2,000) to fly us down there.

I am so there.

Anonymous said...

Looks like lots of fun, I love rollerblading, I had no idea that rink was there. The pic of Lucas licking the pole reminds me of The Christmas Story. Love the pics!

Tammy said...

HAHAHAHA!! You are rubbing it in aren't ya??!!! Thanks a lot! :p
Yah, if your son licked a pole in Utah we would have A Christmas story all over again!! Too cute!! I might have to come visit you!! I would kill for weather like that right now!! :)

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