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Friday, December 19, 2008

Glad Tidings.

From our family to yours! We decided to forgo printed Christmas card this year, mostly because of the plague (which Matt now has.) Instead you get to enjoy this:

made by the husband.
Feel free to reopen this blog page anytime you need to hear some Holiday Greetings from our family.

Matt totally adapted and freaking knocked the socks off one of my designs. Unfortunately, his services are alot more expensive than mine.

Another post coming soon, updating all ya'll on our Very Important Dr Appt. Also, perhaps some pictures!


Char @ Crap I've Made said...

LOVE it!

Sorry you're all still sick and I'm anxious for the dr appt update!

Maleen said...

Wow, I was so mesmerized by this photo that I almost let my cornbread burn...that is how good you guys look.

stephanie said...

it's perfect.

Wife of dastew said...

If your dr appt was to tell you that you're pregnant again, I might scream. In delight, that is.

Alissa said...

totally NOT pregnant. if we are, you can have it. it was a dr appt for LUCAS.

Moghimi Family said...

I was thinking you were prego too (only because of your posting). Thanks for the clarification!

The picture looks wonderful!!!

Kermit~the~Frog said...

Oh my gosh, so much love for that picture and design:

Miles' hair
Anna's perky bow and matching smile
Luke's uncertain look
The angle of Abby's face

The colors, the two of you in the back. Love it. All.

Happy Holidays!

Jen said...

Happy Holiday's to you guys!!

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