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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Twirling Dresses.

The dresses I made for the girls for Christmas did, in fact, make an appearance (however brief) at church today. By the end of Sacrament Meeting, Matt (who wasn't feeling all that well, either) opted to take the older kids home.

Fortunately, I had them up and dressed for church early so I could get some pictures of my slave labor handiwork. Enjoy the show!

a not so happy anna.
I'm starting here as a basis for you to see both dresses in their entirety. My intention was to make them both exactly the same. But after making Abbie's dress, Anna said she didn't want the white ruffle at the bottom. I'd already cuffed the sleeves in white, so I decided to bind the bottom with a thin white band instead. LOVE IT. Wish I would have done it on Abbie's dress. I did cut Anna's dress about an inch shorter than Abbie's but now I kindof wish I hadn't.

In case you can't tell, Anna was not really all that pleased with me wanting to take pictures. She wasn't even all that happy with the dress. She didn't want a "poufy" dress. Especially the "poufy" sleeves. But we have a deal in our house: You can choose what you get to wear all week long (as long as it's not dirty and is weather appropriate), but on Sunday, Mom gets to pick. She also gets to do your hair how SHE wants it. Anna was unhappy with the curlies, and the dress, and the shoes... and well, just not happy in general.

But she warmed up.
more twirly
Once I invited her to twirl!
abbie twirls
And twirl they did!
And so she was happy. And finally, my favorite from the twirling series. I just loved the way the light hit her in this one.
love the light.
I asked Matt if he could possibly Photoshop some snow into these... He didn't think it was funny.

And I got this golden shot.
ee-gads. i'm in trouble.
I'm thinking it might be almost time to go buy a weapon with which to beat off prospective male mates.

And Miles, who got the short end of the homemade clothing for Christmas stick.
He did NOT want his picture taken. He was sobbing before I took this picture... I said, "Smile Miles!" and this was his expression. He really did try to smile for the picture, but it just looks painful.

And finally, Lucas.
i can get away with this...
I know he looks ridiculous. But I figure that he's a baby. They're SUPPOSED to look ridiculous, right? Someone back me up here!


Cheri said...

No - Lucas would look ridiculous if you coupled it with red shorts and a belt.

love the way it all turned out.

sheri said...

I love it all! Miles' hair-do looks so grown up.

Becky said...

They are all looking so Grown up!
you did a great job on the dresses. I wish I had one!

Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

I don't think Lucas looks ridiculous at all.. He's ADORABLE.. they all are..

I wish....

Misty said...

What's the deal with kids having opinions anyway? lol. The dresses are fabulous! Great job!

Erica said...

Lucas looks adorable! The dresses are awesome. They are all beautiful.

Lee said...

Love the dresses. They are great! Love Lucas and his outfit, and the cute Miles look. So fun!

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

You did a fabulous job! And Lucas's outfit made me giggle right out loud.

Maleen said...

Um...green grass? That looks so inviting compared to the 7+ inches that are falling outside.

I love how the dresses turned out. And the twirling looks good too, although if I had watched it in person, it would have made me sick. I can't even turn in a circle nowadays without getting light-headed.

And if Lucas looks ridiculous, then I want some ridiculous for Christmas. I love his little leggings.

wild things said...

For some reason, I expected your children to still be the babies they were nearly 4 years ago when we were in Thousand Oaks. There they are - beautiful...

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