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Saturday, February 7, 2009

They're here too.

My husband was wondering if I ever take pictures of the other kids. Um.



Okay,I did take this one last Sunday.
the rest.
Yes, Anna's wearing a sweater under her dress. I try not to micromanage.

This was taken during our Post-Church tradition of tuna fish sandwiches. What's that? You think that's gross? After almost 2 years, I think so too.


stephanie said...

your girls are so pretty.

Maleen said...

Our Sunday lunch was macaroni, until we got the 1:00 time slot this year, and I refuse to have macaroni for dinner every night.

Oh, and my kids get to wear pretty much whatever they want as long as it is modest.

La Yen said...

Ooh, I love tuna fish. That will be our new tradition. Good call.

Cheri said...

OH! Miles is so precious! And yes, right now tuna sounds revolting.

Lucinda said...

so cute! Our tradition is breakfast foods; waffles, or frenchtoast usually. Its the most my kids eat all week.

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