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Monday, July 13, 2009

6 kids. 3 days. Not THAT bad.

Recently, we watched my friend Melinda's kids for her while she and her husband went on an uber romantic getaway for their 10th Wedding Anniversary. Well, we didn't watch ALL of her kids. Just 2. Porter and Elijah. And I will reiterate that we got the better end of that deal!

But it was certainly a real handful of kids. I couldn't even go anywhere during that time as my vehicle only seats 7 and not 8. It was just a matter of keeping them busy enough that they wouldn't start bugging each other.

There was some brain teaser worksheets:

and Clay:

And a lot of acting very silly:

We did take them to the beach which tried to give me a heart attack with the counting to 6 over and over. And then forgetting I was responsible for 2 extra kids.

And also, I didn't take my camera. Oops.


Brian said...

So it was Matt and Alissa plus Sixa!

I know it's terrible, but that's me!

Glad you survived the event.

Maleen said...

I am impressed you did that.

And I am always counting heads. I constantly yell, SOUND OFF...

...but no one knows what that means. I better teach them soon.

Wife of dastew said...

I won't make you watch my kids while I go away for my 10th. But maybe you could convince me to watch yours so you can celebrate yours.

sheri said...

You're so nice, Alissa! Clay? You're trying to make the rest of us look bad, aren't you?

Alissa said...

melinda brought the clay. i avoid that stuff, generally.

Amy G. said...

i luv how miles can't keep a straight face for the exhausted/falling asleep picture. priceless.

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