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Friday, July 3, 2009

Garden Update

If you go back here, you can be reminded about the small container garden I've got going on.

Well, I bring you new pictures. Growth and development. And success. Yahoo! I'm so excited for October's growing season!

My tomatoes, which grew quite well until we had about a week of record setting rain, which apparently tomatoes don't like and which invited a bunch of bugs to eat my plants. But! We still got (and are still getting) tomatoes off them. At least for a couple more weeks. Delish. We've had BLTs for dinner and it has felt awesome to know I'm eating something I made (sorta!).

And HERE are my grapefruits. Check em out! We've still got quite a while until they're actual edible fruit, but you know... progress!


Christie said...

HUGELY jealous, and wishing I'd thrown some tomatoes out on the patio. Next year, I guess.

Anonymous said...

My mouth is watering for those grapefruit!!

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