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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Some FOs.

As in finished objects.
You see, I knit and knit and knit... and then never photograph anything. I'm super awesome that way. So, then I pull out all the items I've completed in the last uh... 2 months and photograph them all at the same time and then you receive this veritable dumping of knitted objects.

So where were we?
 I knit four pair of kids' mittens this "winter". Did I knit myself a pair? Uh.... no? I have a pair picked out, but it can wait till the temperature drops below 70 degrees again... in December.
 Remember that I own a spinning wheel? I do. I spun the yarn I used for this hat back in September. I knit the hat in December. It was one of Abbie's Christmas presents. But we don't often have occasion for hats. I used the Purl Beret pattern from PurlSoho and it turned out so, so cute.
 Abbie quite likes it, and so do I. It was my first foray into knitting with my handspun and it was quite the adventure.

Speaking of handspun...
 94 yards of bulky 100% Peruvian Highland Wool. I actually dyed this myself. Yes, I'm attempting all aspects of this fiber craze.

 The above yarn was spun in September/October. I have no idea why I haven't yet posted it here because I think it's just beautiful. I didn't dye this one. It came from the WoolPig Crafts Etsy shop. It is now 235 yards of Superwash Blue Faced Leicester in a DK weightish...?
 And the final installment in the spinning category is this lovely Merino Silk blend from Ashland Bay.  It's 372 yards of a 2ply laceweight. It took me absolutely forever to spin. Just ask my mother... I was spinning this before Christmas. I finally finished it last week and you'll be seeing it knit up into something soon... I think.

 Then I knit this lovely, WARM, chunky cowl.  It was my first chance getting to use Berroco Vintage Chunky and I was skeptical because it has a rather high acrylic content, but it was just lovely.
I also got to knit this lovely piece. I absolutely love it and it's sooo soft. Pattern is here and yarn is Misti Alpaca Lace.
Here's another pattern I started and finished FOREVER ago... it's called Opus Spicatum. It is knit out of Swish Worsted which I must say I really love.  I just wanted to add that it was about 82 degrees the day I took all these pictures and I was sweating mighty fiercely. Gross.

And lastly, not a finished object.  A WIP (work in progress.) Matt's Memory Vest. Knit out of Cascade 220 Superwash. The back is finished, the front is about 1/3 done. And now I'm off to go work on it whilst I watch me some Netflix.

Thanks for reading!


Kalen said...

I once found a pattern for mittens made for picture taking. They had a hole by the pointer finger to snap the shutter. I wish I knew how to knit so I could make myself a pair.

elizabeth said...

They are awesome, thanks for posting them. I think you ought to share your talent by teaching a class in your local yarn/hobby store or teach on line somehow. Move to Canada!

Becky said...

I LOVE your yarn. I dont knit or do anything with yarn, but you make me want to horde it.

Audrey said...

i love how your hat turned out and the vest is going to be bEautiful!

Melinda said...

I like the rainbow colored yarn and I want your purple shirt. What are you going to use the rainbow yarn for?

Amy said...

Wow. Beautiful work. I don't even know how to knit but now I'm coveting a spinning wheel. And big clumps (probably not the official term) of wool. So thanks a lot for that.

Leslie said...

What wonderful FOs! I'm hoping to give cowls a try myself this year. And your own yarn is gorgeous. Spinning is on my want to learn wish list for this year or next.

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