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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Holes for One

 It's amazing what a little thing like donut holes can do for your day.

Especially when Daddy is the one doing the treating.
Is this the way it is at your house? Mom's the meanie. The enforcer. Dad's the one who brings home a gargantuan sized box of donut holes for you to stuff yourself with. (She had five and was mad when I told her no more.)
 Also notice her "tatt/sticker sleeves?" She really likes stickers. I've mentioned this before. And she never lets us remove them. I thought for a long time that it was because she really likes to hold onto her stickers. But no. It's because after wearing them constantly for 3-5 days, they basically fuse to your skin. Removing them is painful. 
 What? You don't eat with your feet on the table? You haven't lived.
Pretty sure she's flashing me some gang signs here. Be wary of this one.

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Wife of dastew said...

I heard once that mayo is good for getting old stickers off stuff like furniture. Moral of the story, slather your kid in mayo & the stickers will slide right off.

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