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Thursday, March 8, 2012


The way things go around here is what I like to call casual.  Other people call it lazy. I'm okay with that.
 I'm up with the school kids (and often the littles) by 7am. I spend the next hour hustling and yelling, reminding and harassing. By 8am the big kids are off to school and I have just the littles.  Shamefully, I usually turn on the TV and nap on the couch (yes, lazy). But on this particular morning this week, the light was just right and the little ones were being agreeable. We sat at the table and finished our immediately after breakfast snack of pound cake and apples. Healthy? Eh, whatever.
 Their joy at having my undivided attention was obvious. 
And it made me realize that I need a new routine. One where I spend more time making sure these two littles know that their Momma loves them more than she loves her morning nap. I know. Those are big words. 
  But so is my love for them. REALLY BIG.
 Lucas will start a half day preschool in August and while I am positively giddy at the idea, I'm still sort of baffled at how he went from a tiny little mini baby to my tiny little mini child. 
 The good news is that these two are thick as thieves. 
 Which is another reason I'm having to give up my morning nap. This week alone I woke up to find them: 
1. Eating sugar direct from the bin by the teaspoonful. 
2. Dumping 1/2 gallon of Kool-Aid on my freshly mopped floor.
3. Eating chocolate cupcakes.
4. Coloring on their sister's homework.
5. Playing games on my Kindle Fire. 
6. Riding bikes in the garage.
I think I should be more concerned about who is going to keep Libby entertained when Lucas heads off to school. I can't possibly keep up that pace.
And for your viewing pleasure: Video proof of their relationship.


Kayli said...

I love reading your blog. Your routine sounds very very familiar... perhaps because it's quite a lot like my own...

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes, little Lukie gets more stunning with age! :) Watch out, momma! Heartbreaker central at your house! ;)
And lil princes has grown up so much. :) Wow.
Lovely kiddos! :) Cheers.

Melissa Sutton said...

I started following your blog a couple years ago because of your photography. I love your photos! I am also a mother of quite a few (7) , and its been fun for me to find others who are similar in that aspect. I also have a love for crocheting/knitting, so it was fun to see your fun creations and to find out you taught yourself how to knit! Amazing! I can knit a dish cloth...that is all! I also self taught, but you inspire me to continue to learn more. :) Its fun to get a peek into someone else's reality. It makes me feel okay about my own reality and to know that we are all very much alike!

Maleen said...

Um...do I dare say how happy I am that you are blogging again...I don't want to jinx it. :)
Your two remind me of my two, and I am a little worried when Daisy starts Preschool next fall. Pearl has gotten used to her own little slave that waits on her hand and foot. She isn't going to find that with me.
I may need to develop a new routine as well.

Artwork of the Whiz said...

That smiling pic of Libby just obliterated my heart. I'm so screwed when my daughter arrives!

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