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Friday, April 6, 2012

Lucas Adam, 4

In commemoration of Lucas's fourth trip around the Sun, I decided to celebrate with a photo shoot. But not a proper one with nice clothes, no. I'm way too lazy for that (I should change this blog's name to "I'm Too Lazy For That"). It was more of a "Hey, you have an unstained shirt on. Let's comb your hair and go outside!" Expectations are low here, folks.
 But don't worry, I did not fail to capture his charm.
He's one devilishly cute little boy, no?
 Yes, yes he is. 
I fear I'm in for some girl trouble. That is, if he ever breaks 100 pounds, which I sortof doubt.

 But don't worry. It wasn't all seriousness. We managed to capture the real Lucas too.
And some of this too. 
With some waterbending (a la Avatar: The Last Airbender) thrown in for good measure. 
Did I mention that this photoshoot lasted all of four minutes. Because it was 90 degrees outside. In April. Screw you La Nina. 
At any rate, we celebrated his birthday in the proper fashion. With "rainbow cupcakes with orange frosting". And I'm writing this down here so I won't forget. Lucas was SO cute. He sang to himself. So cute.
 His only other birthday request, "A glowing red light saber so that I can be a bad guy like Darth Vader."
Thank goodness Target had his weapon of doom on sale for $10!
 We've already had to replace the batteries twice. Heaven help me. 

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